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 Record Technology

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We have been pressing 12" phonograph records for over 36 years.
We offer high-quality in-house services, from the cutting of your lacquer master, custom packaging to drop shipping worldwide.

12" Regular Weight Record Pressing Charges

500 thru 999 $1.35 each
1000 thru 2999 $1.20 each
3000 + $1.10 each

All pressings include:
Plain white dust sleeve and Master Shipping Cartons. 
Master cartons hold a maximum of 50 regular weight pressings with single jackets.

12" HQ-180 Record Pressing Charges

500 thru 999 $2.75 each
1000 thru 2999 $2.60 each
3000 + $2.50 each

HQ-180 premium pressings include:
Exclusive, 4 ml thick, pink Anti-Static Poly sleeve and European Style Poly-bag (or shrink wrap) and Master Shipping Cartons.

Master cartons hold a maximum of 40 HQ-180 pressings with single jackets

Colored Vinyl Record Pressing Charges

500 minimum pressing run for regular weight colored vinyl.
The additional cost per record for regular weight colored vinyl is:

  • $ .35 per record for standard colors:
    standard colors include red, gold/yellow, blue, green, and clear.
  • $ .60 per record for white vinyl or any custom color or any mixture of more than one color.

Please contact us for HQ-180 colored vinyl costs and more details.

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  Metal Processing Charges: From Your Lacquers
Regular weight

Two-step (mother and convert) $ 140.00 each side
Three-step (full processing)        $ 200.00 each side
Additional Stampers             $ 65.00 each side


Three step (Master/Mother/Stamper) $240.00 each side
Additional Stampers $ 80.00 each

Stamper info:  Our rule of thumb for ordering extra stampers for regular weight records is; one set of stampers per 1,000 records, plus one extra set for all colored vinyl jobs. For HQ-180 records it is; one set of stampers per 500 records. At least one extra set of stampers will be made on colored vinyl jobs to minimize downtime when a stamper change is needed.


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Test Pressings

Regular Weight

Test Pressing (5 copies) $ 75.00
Additional copies (45 maximum) $ 3.50  each


Test Pressing(10 copies) $ 100.00
Additional copies (40 maximum) $ 5.00 each

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Other Costs

Standard Poly-wrap ( loose or tight )        $ .12 each
Poly-bags ( European Style )                    $ .17 each
Insert or sticker application  $ .10 each ( min.)
Sleeved only records ( special handling ) $ .05 each

Specifications that need to be followed when you send us stickers for your job.

Generic Jackets - NO printing

Solid White           $ .35 each
White/Center hole $ .40 each
Black/Center hole $ .45 each

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Finished product will ship to you via UPS Ground, or the carrier of your choice, FOB Camarillo, CA. All shipping charges are paid by the customer.

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Drop Shipments

10.00 per address, plus freight
plus $ .05 per unit

25.00 per address, plus freight
plus $ .05 per unit

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To start your order we require full payment of your estimate. 
Upon completion of your order, all shipping charges, plus any balance due, must be paid before release.  We accept Visa and MasterCard.
Plus or minus 10% of the amount ordered will constitute a complete order. You will be billed for actual finished quantity.

 We are not responsible for inactive parts and merchandise after 6 months.

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